Technological Diagnostics
At our Mister Transmission-Barrie location, we give you more than just a mechanic. Our facility provides high quality transmission repair at affordable prices. Our facility is filled with some of the most state of the art diagnostic tools and equipment.


There is not a part under the hood of your car more complex than the transmission.

The proper care and maintenance of your transmission requires an experienced technician in order to identify any problems and repair them correctly. Mister Transmission finds out what your transmission problems are and provides quick and precise repairs in order to get you back on the road as soon as possible

It is time to have your transmission looked at if….
  • transmission fluid is leaking
  • your vehicle shakes or bucks at highway speed
  • delayed drive or reverse
  • check engine light is on
  • you smell burning
  • transmission is slipping
  • trouble shifting
  • vehicle will not move
  • manual transmission grinds when shifting
  • … clutch is slipping







The transmission repair experts.